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The preclinical study results of IMM2902 published in "Drug Resistance Updates"

 On February 16, 2024, ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Inc.  (referred to as "ImmuneOnco", Hong Kong Stock Exchange stock code: 01541.HK) announced that the research team of ImmuneOnco completed the preclinical study of IMM2902. The results were published in "Drug Resistance Updates" under the title "Development and evaluation of a human CD47/HER2 bispecific antibody for Trastuzumab-resistant breast cancer immunotherapy".

Preclinical studies show that IMM2902 exhibits potent anti-tumor activity in a variety of breast tumor and gastric tumor models, including HER2 low expression and trastuzumab-resistant tumor models. ImmuneOnco is conducting Phase I clinical trials in China and the United States respectively to evaluate the safety and efficacy of IMM2902 in advanced HER2-positive and HER2-low-expressing solid tumors (including breast cancer, gastric cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and cholangiocarcinoma).

On July 15, 2022, IMM2902 was granted Fast Track Designation (Fast Track Designation) for breast cancer by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Founder and Chairman of ImmuneOnco Dr. Tian, Wenzhi said:

"I am very pleased that the preclinical research results of our IMM2902 project were published in "Drug Resistance Updates". The IMM2902 project is a bispecific molecule developed based on our own R&D platform for CD47 and HER2. With high affinity to HER2, the molecule preferentially bind to tumor cells, enable CD47/SIRPa interaction blocking in situ, at the same time, due to  molecular characteristics of SIRPa, it does not bind to human red blood cells so as to avoiding the 'Antigen sink effect‘, thus greatly enhancing the specific synergistic effect of targets against tumors. Although HER2 Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have shown activity in some HER2-low-expressing tumors in clinical trials,  they are often associated with serious adverse effects, such as interstitial pneumonitis and sometimes lead to death which brings greater risks. We believe that the similar efficacy and good safety profile demonstrated by IMM2902 will make it have great clinical development value and commercial potential."