Development Strategy


To advance the development of our drug candidates to unleash their therapeutic potential and address significant unmet medical needs.
To expand our global footprint and maximize the clinical and commercial value of our drug candidates through global clinical trials and accretive partnerships.
To continuously enrich our innovative pipeline through fundamental biological research and translational medicine.
To upscale our GMP-compliant manufacturing capacity.
To enlarge our talent pool to support our continuous growth.

Global Footprint

Our core business model is to in-house discover, develop and commercialize novel immuno-oncology therapies to address highly unmet medical needs. To complement our internal efforts, we may also collaborate with third parties on the clinical development and commercialization of our drug candidates to better capture tremendous market opportunities through out-licensing, co-commercialization or other strategic collaborations.

We endeavor to expand our global footprint and develop tremendous immuno-oncology therapies to fully grasp global market opportunities