Scientific Technology and R&D


IMM27M is a new generation CTLA-4 antibody with enhanced ADCC activity. It can induce potent immune responses targeting CTLA-4 overexpressed immune-suppressive Treg cells and promote Treg depletion from the TME, thus enhancing T-cell antitumor response. Our preclinical studies have demonstrated that IMM27M could induce significantly stronger antitumor activity than YERVOY® (ipilimumab) and it resulted in complete tumor remission even at a dose as low as 0.3 mg/kg at which ipilimumab only exhibited approximately 50% TGI. We received an IND approval from the NMPA for a Phase Ib/II study to evaluate the combination of IMM27M and a PD-1 antibody for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, such as RCC, NSCLC, GC and thymic carcinoma (TC), in March 2023. We may initiate clinical trials or explore collaboration opportunities for this combination therapy.