Scientific Technology and R&D

IMM0306 Monotherapy

IMM0306 is the first CD47×CD20 bispecific molecule globally to enter into clinical stage. We are currently developing IMM0306 for the treatment of R/R B-NHL. It has a higher affinity for CD20 than CD47, which enables it to preferentially and simultaneously bind to CD20 and CD47 on malignant B cells rather than CD47-positive normal tissues and further mitigate CD47-related toxicity.


Our preclinical studies suggest that IMM0306 is more potent than RITUXAN® (rituximab, a CD20 mAb) monotherapy, even at a much lower dosing level, and it is more potent than the combination therapy of IMM01 and rituximab at a comparable dosing level. We initiated a Phase I trial for IMM0306 in R/R B-NHL in China in May 2020, of which the preliminary data demonstrated encouraging results in safety and efficacy.