About Us

About Us

ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Inc. was established in the PRC in June 2015. ImmuneOnco is a science-driven biotechnology company dedicated to the development of immuno-oncology therapies. ImmuneOnco is one of the few biotechnology companies globally adopting a systematic approach to harness both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Currently approved immunotherapies primarily focus on the adaptive immune system and are often confronted with limited clinical benefits due to low response rates and inevitable drug resistance and/or relapse in many cancer indications. Harnessing both the innate and adaptive immune systems allows us to overcome the limitations of current T-cell-based immunotherapies and address substantial unmet medical needs of cancer patients.
ImmuneOnco has won the "KPMG China's 2nd Biotechnology Innovation 50 Companies List", "Drug Innovation and Development of the Year ", "Top 100 China Pharmaceutical Innovative Seed Enterprises in 2021", "Innovative Startup Award", "High-tech Enterprise Certificate", "Top 50 Most Innovative Companies of Chinese Biomedicine in 2019", "Zhangjiang Venture Capital TOP100 Enterprise Honor"etc.


Our Mission

Develop first-in-class drugs for the benefit of cancer patients.

Our values

Talent first, knowledge first, technology first, quality first